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2009-10-05 21:37:39 by D-N0

I apologize, my this is my brother's account (Duncan Noack). He has decided not to participate with Newgrounds affairs. If you had plans with him, I suggest you forget them. He is a douche

Again, Srry

Char Design Ideas

2009-08-23 12:20:23 by D-N0

Below are two of my favorite designs for the planets. I just can't decide and would like to see if the people already on this project have any suggestions. I am going to start animating on Tuesday so I can write the 2 & 3 episodes. And if you want to help, check the voice roster. If you don't like your voice you could always help me write, one man can't do it alone.

Srry for bad pic quality, at friends house on his laptop.

Char Design Ideas

Need your voice! Updated

2009-08-19 15:20:59 by D-N0

I have been working on an animation about the Earth and the other planets of the solar system lately and my friends that were going to voice act for me bailed. Now I need help pronto. Am also trying to find a song for my animations and am always looking for suggestions.

List of Voices
Males have * in front of them
Female voices have + in front of them
Either/or have both

*Earth: Me

*Mars: ForNoReason

*+Moon: Also ForNoReason

Now I can finally get started on the first one. Below are voices still needed.

+Venus: Nakoruru

*Mercury: sparhawk56

*Jupiter: Blackharrier32

*+Ceres: ???

+Saturn: ???

*+Uranus: Duhdyingfeces

*Neptune: VaughnJohnson2000

*Pluto: RoboninjaV7

*+Haumea: Free

*+Makemake: Cody Hartzell (also does'nt have an account)

*+Eris: Rexamilion

List of voice actors that have yet to get a part, but are still in.

I am not to picky, I don't have a specific voice I'm looking for for any of them, but I won't except you off the spot. If you are interested, send a example of your voice, the name of the character you were looking to tryout for, and your newgrounds name to my email;

Now down to the credit. The I am willing to give co-authorization to a few people that go above and beyond to see this get finished, as in the ones who help the most. If your a writer, cool, drop me a PM and we'll discuss things. You would like to do background art or something else, that's cool to. PM me or comment on this and I'll update it. (If anyone joins)

Check this out!
Got character design dispute with myself, Check it out and tell me what you think.