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Char Design Ideas

2009-08-23 12:20:23 by D-N0

Below are two of my favorite designs for the planets. I just can't decide and would like to see if the people already on this project have any suggestions. I am going to start animating on Tuesday so I can write the 2 & 3 episodes. And if you want to help, check the voice roster. If you don't like your voice you could always help me write, one man can't do it alone.

Srry for bad pic quality, at friends house on his laptop.

Char Design Ideas


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2009-08-23 14:26:12

I like the deeper outlines in #1, but how will it translate to animation?


2009-09-11 11:08:59

Hmmm.... I think that the second one would be better with first's outlines. I hate my voice. Can't help with that.


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